“CO₂ dosing in the Dalsem Air System directly into the moving airflow, is the perfect method of distribution, creating a highly efficient photosynthesis process of plants”

Dalsem has developed a new method for CO₂ dosing, which is more effective than any other CO₂ distribution method used in horticulture today. From the distribution point in the greenhouse, a pipe system is installed underground and leads upwards over the columns to the Dalsem Air Semi-Closed System. By dosing the CO₂ in front of the fan blades, the CO₂ mixes directly with the air blown and evenly distributes the CO₂ in the greenhouse.


  1. Uniform distribution of CO₂
  2. Higher CO₂ absorption rate compared to traditional dosing methods as CO₂ is inserted in flowing air which will efficiently reach the stomata (leaf pores)
  3. In combination with the Dalsem AIR Semi-Closed System, the desired CO₂ level is controlled more steadily and accurately and will be maintained for longer period
  4. Maintenance-free (no consumables), universal and reliable. Suitable for all crops

Inserting CO₂ into flowing air is perfect for the plant photosynthesis. The moving air reduces the boundary layer resistance and increases the efficiency of photosynthesis, whilst bringing CO₂ to the stomata. An additional advantage is the distribution of the CO₂ from top to bottom in the greenhouse, contrary to other methods currently available. By using this method, the CO₂ accurately reaches the stomata or leaf pores of the plant and is absorbed most effectively.