Benefits of the DALSEM AIR SEMI-CLOSED Greenhouse SOLUTION

New cultivation techniques require sustainable and energy-efficient solutions in today’s horticultural sector. Benefits of the Dalsem Dalsem AIR Semi-Closed Greenhouse Solution
With the Dalsem AIR Greenhouse, Dalsem offers an improved cultivation method. Benefits of the Dalsem AIR Greenhouse include cost reduction, improved energy-efficiency and maximum yield with less risk, minimum inputs and minimum waste.

General benefits

  1. Semi-Closed solution:Forced air ventilation instead of natural ventilation 
  2. Higher yield and improved quality products due to optimum climate and higher average CO2 level
  3. High return on investment
  4. Standardized processes & increased control for growers thanks to the combination of knowledge and data
  5. Longer cultivation period in challenging climates
  6. Better space utilization, no loss of cultivation space & no restrictions on the crop production workflow
  7. No light emission when ventilating with screens closed
  8. Overpressure in the greenhouse ensures steady climate control and reduces plant disease incidence
  9. Protection against pests optional by insect netting
  10. Protection against spreading pests, due to decentral ventilation
  11. Suitable for all types of crops e.g.: vegetables, fruits, flowers or potted plants
  12. Suitable for all crop production methods
  13. Suitable for single and double screen systems