Data Driven Growing Strategy

As part of the new Dalsem AIR Semi-Closed Greenhouse Solution, optimal growth conditions are defined based upon the Data Driven Growing Strategy. The two packages for Data Driven Growing are the Professional package (1), which can be extended with the Advanced package (2). The Professional package will be your starting point, using a combination of subsystems for climate control powered by Hoogendoorn Growth Management and This partnership enables Dalsem to offer growers integrated data-driven solutions for realizing sustainable greenhouse crop production by maintaining the plant balances according to the Plant Empowerment principles (GPE).

The strength of the Data Driven Growing Strategy is the combination of algorithms based on greenhouse-generated data, plant physiology and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The strategy consists of a three-step approach: (1)Knowledge Transfer (2)Learning by Doing (3)Implementation and Integration. With this unique combination, you are able to optimize production and quality by maintaining the plant balances on the basis of the Plant Empowerment principles. A person-independent platform ensures continuous access to all accumulated knowledge and data within the company. 

At the core of the Data Driven Growing Strategy are training sessions and data analysis to achieve round-the-clock insights into the limiting factors of the cultivation process. You will learn that you can make solid decisions without being physically present in the greenhouse. Solid decisions based on your data! This ensures a person independent structure and will keep all accumulated knowledge and data within your greenhouse. 

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