As implementation partners of Plant Empowerment, Hoogendoorn Growth Management and developed together with Dalsem the Data Driven Growing Strategy for the Dalsem AIR Semi-Closed Greenhouse Solution. Our Data Driven Growing Strategy is primarily based upon the Plant Empowerment principles. Plant Empowerment has become the new standard cultivation method for the Dutch horticultural industry in the recent years. It is the sequel to the Dutch cultivation method “Het nieuwe Telen” (HNT), also called “Next Generation Growing”.

Plant Empowerment training

Plant Empowerment is the roadmap towards Data Driven Growing. Data Driven Growing ensures consistency in the production and the optimal use of resources. This means it is not only sustainable to grow your crop according to Plant Empowerment, it's also profitable for your company. 

The trainers can explain you and your growers how to grow the crop according to the Plant Empowerment principles based on your own data. By conducting our data analyses and implementing the monitoring tools, it is getting easier for companies to implement the principles of Plant Empowerment. These are practical tools enabling you to start right away.