Outside air ventilation
to a new level

The Dalsem AIR Semi-Closed Greenhouse Solution consists of a unique Dalsem AIR Semi-Closed System which is especially designed to mix the required amount of outside air or air from above the screens into the greenhouse. Similar to the conventional airing windows, the Dalsem AIR Semi-Closed System creates a horizontal, equally proportioned air intake throughout the greenhouse area. This allows the use of single or double screen systems without limitations on opening and closing.
Patented AIR Semi-Closed System by Dalsem

Benefits Dalsem AIR Semi-Closed System 

  1. Forced ventilation with outside air
  2. Forced ventilation with air from above the screens
  3. Decentralized ventilation system
  4. Modularly expandable with heat exchangers and/or humidifiers
  5. Operable with screens open or closed