Dalsem AIR Dashboard

The Dalsem AIR Dashboard provides you with a strong decision-making foundation to optimise your crop production and therefore optimising your company’s overall results. With real-time insights in your greenhouse conditions, you are always informed and in control. Enhance your production, lower your resource usage (water and energy) and increase your profits. 

Climate Monitor

One of the components of the Dalsem AIR dashboard is the Climate Monitor. With the Climate Monitor you know exactly how the most important growth factors relate to each other e.g. radiation (PAR light), temperature, relative humidity (RH) and CO2. These growth factors ensure that the plant remains in balance, in order to realize an optimal production and quality. 

Moreover, the Climate Monitor non-stop tracks the realized greenhouse climate and determines whether the growth factors are in balance at all times. On top of that, deviations are registered and clearly displayed. This way growers know which limits are exceeded and which adjustments can be made in the greenhouse controls. 

Radiation Temperature Ratio

With the Radiation Temperature Ratio, you can minimize the risk of pests and diseases in your greenhouse. By use of this monitoring tool, you can easily steer on the correct balance of light and temperature. This results in a balanced plant, optimized production and energy savings. 

Training sessions based on DALSEM Air Dashboard employs trainers that are able to train you and your crop advisor(s) in using the Dalsem AIR Dashboard. We will explain how to combine experience with facts and numbers. Enabling repeated use of this knowledge over several locations and large distances. You will learn that you can make solid decisions without being physically present in the greenhouse. Solid decisions based on your data!