climate optimization

Our primary aim is to optimize plant growth by improving the greenhouse climate conditions. The Dalsem AIR Semi-Closed Greenhouse Solution focuses on plant growth and development. The role of temperature, light and air humidity on the growth of crops is essential. Due to the Dalsem AIR Semi-Closed System, the climate conditions can be enhanced to consolidate the perfect climate conditions for maximizing plant growth. 

Climate benefits:

  1. Improved and homogeneous (micro)climate
  2. Top-down air treatment, resembling natural circumstances
  3. Heat from assimilation lighting mixes through horizontal circulation
  4. No fluctuations through draughts
  5. Natural and optimal cooling of crop from above
  6. Insight into plant conditions based upon Data Driven Growing Strategy
  7. Proactive response to weather changes to maintain optimal climate
  8. Fact-based decision-making, optimization of greenhouse climate  
  9. Quick response to abnormalities
  10. Reduction of error margin based upon Data Driven Growing Strategy